Artistic Aging...
  Aging as an Art Form
Aging happens to everyone, but how we do it differs.  Many do it with fear, aware of what they are losing, what's not working anymore. But...what else is here?  Getting conscious about the upside of aging, being open, curious and creative can make a huge difference-there is a whole movement out there--people determined to find out what else is possible.
What if aging can be an exploration, a discovery of new experiences and strengths?

Come into the world of Aging as Art, the hub of artist and senior arts crusader Lian Sawires.

Here you will find:

Conscious Aging Workshops - The powerful IONs program for everyone interested in aging well

Coming Soon! Aging Reinvented - Online Workshops. Email for more info as it becomes available:

Excited About Aging - see what people are doing actively into their 70s, 80s and 90s

Engaged Aliveness Artist Blog - sharing my experiences and ongoing discoveries about art, life and aging

Art Classes! - I teach Batik, Creativity, Indigo Dyeing, Shibori, Hot Textiles and more.

Calendar of teaching and speaking

Fine Art Wearable my work and continuing artistic exporation

And of course, see the visual feast of the Pinterest Boards -
aging and creativity, my bags and art, and even death cafe.
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